Suzie Morrell

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Suzie is passionate about film. Previously, she worked in television production, agency advertising and metropolitan newspaper advertising. She has also co-owned and managed a corporate communications company and an internet advertising & marketing business.

Performing in rock bands in both Australia and New Zealand, Suzie has written and recorded original material. She has attended writing workshops and has had several autobiographical essays published and has also written articles for publication in various professional magazines and journals.

Suzie has acted in television commercials and short films and has participated in Doug Brooks’ acting classes. In 2018, she attended The Directors & Editors Guild of NZ and Top of the South Film Production Society (TOTS) Directors Toolkit weekend with New Zealand director Chris Dudman. Suzie is also interested in documentary making.

A big picture thinker, Suzie has excellent communication and organizational skills and has the ability to combine both lateral and precise thinking. She has good understanding and insight into human behaviour and motivation, and is adept at assisting others to articulate their thoughts and vision. She welcomes all enquiries from film directors, producers and screenwriters.

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